knowbotic research
macghillie_just a void

knowbotic research deals with phenomena of visibility and presence as well as with the translation between different systems of meaning: Performative and installative works in the public space confront real-world scenarios with semi-fictional test cases.

The figure MacGhillie – clothed in a typical camouflage suit and without attracting attention either as an individual or as a person at all - seeks out urban locations. The Ghillie Suit camouflage, originally invented in the 19th century for hunters and later used in World War I as well, anonymizes and neutralizes its wearer in public space. The MacGhillie figure oscillates between a mask-like hyper-presence and visual redundancy. It feeds into the modern urban environment a figure without any signification. Peculiarity becomes an ambivalent currency, fluctuating between hard-won affirmation and visual arbitrariness. It remixes the Bloom, the Bartleby or "the Man Without Qualities" types and asks: Does our society provide moments for something that wishes to be nothing?

(Text: knowbotic research)

Title: macghillie_just a void
Year: 2008 – 2012
Format: Partizipatorisch, Objekt, Performance
Material / Technology: Wordpress Blog,, Camouflage-Anzug
Acquisition: Acquired 2016. Inv. No. S0025.