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Weinberger Hannah
As if I became upside down, right side up

In a fusion of nature and sound art, artist Hannah Weinberger presents parts of her ongoing series of three singing stones As if I became upside down, right side up, 2022. Each of these stones has been individually worked from the inside and transformed into a resonating body of sound. These rocks, known for their solidity and durability, have been transformed into an unexpected source of melodic instruments.

Weinberger gives the sculptures a new voice, creating an innovative soundscape that is amplified through the use of percussion presets and, most importantly, her own voice. At certain moments, her human voice becomes clearly recognizable and leads through the ambient variations of the composition in a 4/4 rhythm. The three stones with their respective, personalized and integrated soundtracks sound in parallel and occasionally alternate. An important aspect is the modularity of the sound and the fact that the composition partly contains a canon, whereby the three voices complement each other. Precise tuning creates moments reminiscent of the clinking of glass and transports the listener into a unique world of acoustic diversity. The sound is made perceptible and audible via the surface of the stones.

This groundbreaking series of sound bodies invites the audience to explore a new dimension of sound. The sculptural presence of the stones is inseparable from their acoustic beauty, creating a unique sensory experience that can not only be heard, but also felt.

Text: Hannah Schneck

Title: As if I became upside down, right side up
Year: 2022
Format: Soundinstallation, Installation, Skulptur
Material / Technology: 3-Kanal Soundkomposition, Natursteine, Verstärker, Kabel, Exciter
Duration: 60' loop