Mon. - Sun. 10am-8pm

Dreispitz 4142

Sa., 18.09.2021, 14:0018:30

An event for the whole family on the Dreispitz site.


Like no other location, Freilager-Platz on the Dreispitz site illustrates Münchenstein's transformation and innovative strength. Here, right next to the BLT line 11 tram station, work meets living and education meets culture and leisure in a wide variety of ways. Visitors can look forward to an interesting event for the whole family on and around Freilager-Platz with countless insights, entertainment and catering options.

Explore the exhibition "Radical Gaming" and discover the diverse programme of the HEK.
Admission to the exhibition and the education programme is free.
Between 2-6pm, mediators will be available in the "Radical Gaming" exhibition to answer questions. The games on display can also be tried out with their support.

For a deeper insight into the exhibition, we offer a public, dialogue-based guided tour at 4pm and 5pm. You can register for the guided tour under, Tel. 061 283 60 51.
Between 3pm and 6pm, you can tinker outside on the platform at our walk-in workshop for children and adults.
Between 4pm and 5pm you can take a look at the BitFabrik - the HEK's programming club - in the workshop room. Children aged 9-14 will show you how they draw with code.

«Dreispitz 4142» is an event organised by the municipality of Münchenstein.


3-6pm: Tinkering workshop on the platform.

4-5pm: Insight into the BitFabrik in the workshop room

4-5pm: Dialogue tour through the exhibition "Radical Gaming

5-6pm: Dialogue tour of the "Radical Gaming" exhibition

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